Analysis of Per Pupil Spending as Reported by LAUSD

To see raw code, please visit my project repository on GitLab, or click here! Special Election, Measure EE For those of you outside of California, the school system for the city of Los Angeles has a reputation of both being underfunded and also overfunded. Many people argue that we should be spending more per pupil while others cite gross incompetence of the management. A couple months ago, the teachers for LAUSD went on strike demanding more funding and smaller class sizes and management folded after a short while.

Sentiment Analysis of Trump's Inauguration Speech

Converted from old blog, please excuse any oddities! During the 2016 election, Trump came off to myself as an intrinsically negative candidate. I wondered after his election how his rhetoric would be adjusted as he had just won the presidency. After all, most of the time it is far easier to critisize someone’s performance. I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to break out R and use various packages to allow us to potentially gain insight into the speech structure of Trump’s Inaugural Address.