About me

This is me


My name is Matthew Taylor and I am a purveyor of data, design, and all things unique. I believe that tenderly nutured curiosity can be incredibly insightful in helping us understand how pieces of data come together and form a more complete picture. I believe that even mundane topics and tasks can give rise to questions and solutions that drive us to be more efficient and in-tune with our decision making.


During College, I spent about three years in a collaborative, cross-disciplinary research group where we sought to answer all sorts of interesting questions. This led me to delve into some of my favorite projects which can be found underneath the Projects tab.

Admittedly with less available time, I will be posting any new work directly to the Blog section of this website. I hope to put up stuff from time to time that pique my interest, and hopefully yours too!

Professional Career

I have spent my professional career advocating for data or evidence driven change. I am a huge propronate of automating workloads to free up time for both myself and others in order to increase attention to other pressure points in the business relationship with clients and other internal personnel.

For more information on my professional career, you can download my current resume by clicking on the link below. If you would like to know more, please feel free to call or email me!

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